10 Wooden Counting Acorns


Unlock a world of creativity and educational fun with our 10-piece Wooden Sorting Acorns set!

Crafted with your child's development in mind, this open ended play set is the ideal addition to any learning environment, whether it's homeschool, traditional classroom, or playroom.

Our natural wooden acorns are perfect for counting practice in a 10 frame, matching exercises, and interactive sorting activities. You can also use them as loose parts in sensory bins, as play dough stampers, and so much more!

These wooden acorns are made of high-quality materials, so they can handle the rough and tumble of busy play.

Not only are they durable, but they're also easy to clean โ€” making them a practical choice for any busy classroom or playroom.

Why you'll love them:

๐Ÿงก Safe and Natural โ€” Made from sustainable eco-friendly wood and finished with all-natural beeswax. No harmful chemicals here!

๐Ÿงก Educational and Sensory Friendly โ€” They're perfect for play-based learning activities and developing fine motor skills like counting and sorting as well as tactile and visual exploration.

๐Ÿงก Promotes Social Skills โ€” These sensory bin toys are also great for group activities as they encourage sharing, taking turns, and working together.

About the product:

๐ŸŒฐ Each set includes 10 wooden acorns for hours of open ended play.

๐ŸŒฐ Each acorn measures 1 3/8" tall โ€” perfect for little hands to hold!

๐ŸŒฐ Each set comes in a 6x8 inch muslin drawstring pouch for easy storage.

๐ŸŒฐ Cleaning is simple! Just wipe them down with soap and water and allow them to air dry completely to keep their natural beauty.

*** Please Note: These items can be a choking hazard and are not intended for children under 3 years old or for those who may put objects in their mouth.

** This listing is only for the 10 piece wooden acorn set, and any additional items shown in the images can be purchased separately.