Wooden Sensory Tools

Dive into a world of tactile fun with our 7-piece sensory bin tool set. This handpicked collection is perfect for little hands eager to scoop, roll, and explore!

Each tool in this collection has been thoughtfully chosen to improve tactile exploration, fine motor skills, and imaginative play.

This set makes the perfect addition to sensory bins, sand trays, and other creative open ended play activities.

What's Included:

💛 1 Mallet — Perfect for pounding and exploring textures. Great for improving operability and flexibility.

💛 1 Scoop — A multipurpose tool that's great for transferring materials and exploring volume.

💛 1 Spoon — To stir, scoop, and sort!

💛 1 Wooden Bowl — Perfect for holding, sorting, or scooping different materials.

💛 1 Rolling Pin — Roll out dough, flatten sand, or create patterns, the possibilities are endless!

💛 1 Honey Dipper — Great for pattern-making, transferring, or just feeling its grooved surface.

💛 1 Candle Cup OR 1 Wooden Flower Pot — Depending on availability, your set might come with a charming candle cup or a wooden flower pot. Both items are great for holding smaller materials, planting imaginary gardens, or serving as a base for stacking and building.

💛 Each set comes in a 6x8-inch muslin drawstring bag to keep your tools organized and ready for the next adventure.