16-pc Wooden Tree Montessori Play Set


Dive into nature-themed fun with our open ended Montessori wood tray play set, perfect for all of your kiddo’s hands on learning activities!

This little gem is a great addition to your little one’s sensory toy collection, bringing a touch of nature to playtime.

Kids can get creative by sorting items by color, filling it with rice, corn, play sand, or any treasures they discover – the possibilities are endless!

Why you’ll love it:

💚 Versatility — Our wooden play tray is perfect for a wide variety of activities, making it a go-to for playtime. Whether your child is in the mood for sorting, scooping, or just letting their imagination run wild, this tray is up for the task!

💚 Sensory Play — It’s a fantastic tool for sensory play, helping to stimulate your child’s senses and develop their fine motor skills as they interact with different materials.

💚 Encourages Creativity — With no set rules or guidelines, this play tray lets kids’ creativity shine. Children can create their own games, decide what materials to play with, and let their imaginations run wild!

💚 Natural Aesthetic — Its simple design adds a touch of nature and simplicity to your play space, making it a stylish addition to any room.

💚 Educational — Through play, kids can learn about colors, shapes, and textures, and develop their sorting and categorizing skills.

💚 Promotes Independent Play — Kids can enjoy playing with the tray on their own, helping them develop independence and self-confidence.

💚 Durability — Made of natural birch wood, this play tray is built to last, standing up to all the adventures your little one has in store for it.

About the product:

🌲 Set includes 1 wooden play tray and 15 sorting pieces.

🌲 Play pieces come in a 4x3 inch muslin drawstring bag for easy storage.

🌲 Play tray measures approximately 7 inches tall x 5.75 inches wide x .25 inches thick.