Superhero Crayon Wallet

Wham! Pow! Kaboom! Adventure is now pocket-sized, thanks to our all-in-one Superhero Crayon Wallet!

Designed to fit perfectly into your purse or diaper bag, this is the ultimate sidekick for your mini superhero-in-training.

🌟 Where creativity meets adventure — always be ready to save the day, one crayon at a time! 🌟

Why It's Super:

🦸 10 Crayons Included — A rainbow of colors for little hands to create their own magical worlds!

🦸 Includes an Alphabet Coloring Book — Learn your ABCs while fighting off imaginary villains!

🦸 Lightweight & Compact — Ideal for tiny superheroes on the move! Perfect for car rides, restaurants, or waiting for big bro's soccer game to start!

🦸 Rugged Bite-Sized Crayon Pouch — Made from tough materials as tough as your little one.

About the product:

❤️ Each crayon wallet comes with a set of 10 crayons.

❤️ Includes a mini alphabet coloring book tucked inside.

❤️ Suitable for children aged 2 to 7.

❤️ Measures approximately 5" x 5" x 1" (folded) / 15" x 5" x .5" (opened).