Beeswax Crayons for Toddlers


Dive into a world of color 8 piece extra large beeswax crayon set!

Made for little hands and packed with color, these crayons slide across paper easily, leaving behind bright colors and a smooth, silky feel.

These eco-friendly crayons aren't just fun, they're a responsible choice for the environment.

Why you’ll love them:

💛 Extra-Large Size — Perfect for little hands to grip and control.

💛 Smooth Glide — Effortlessly slides on paper for frustration-free doodling.

💛 Vibrant Colors — Offers rich and lively hues that pop on any canvas.

💛 Eco-Friendly — Made from beeswax, making them a green choice.

💛 Kid-Safe — Totally safe for children of all ages to use and explore.

💛 Environmentally Responsible — Reduces your carbon footprint while fueling creativity.

💛 Smooth Texture — Gives a unique, tactile experience for budding artists.