Beastly Binoculars


Get ready for some wild animal sightings with these beastly binoculars!

With their scaly green skin and row of sharp crocodile teeth around the lenses, they'll blend right in with the wild.

The powerful 4.5" x 29 magnification helps you spot all kinds of amazing creatures.

Turn the focus dial to zoom in and bring your jungle adventures into sharp focus.

It's the perfect addition to your explorer tool kit.

Why you’ll love it:

πŸ’š Educational and Fun β€” A great way to encourage interest in wildlife and the outdoors, fostering both learning and play.

πŸ’š Easy-to-Use Focus Dial β€” With a 4.5" x 29 magnification, the focus dial makes it easy for kids to zoom in and sharpen their view, encouraging hands-on learning.

πŸ’š Durable Construction β€” Built to survive the wear and tear of outdoor play!

πŸ’š Lightweight and Portable β€” Easy to carry, making it perfect for on-the-go adventures.

πŸ’š Gift-Worthy β€” Makes for a unique and exciting gift that’s sure to provide hours of screen-free fun!

About the product:

🐊 4.5 x 29 power magnification.

🐊 Portable, Lightweight.