Stuff I Want To Manifest


What is keeping you up? Babies? Kids? your mind? As busy parents, we need to remember to take a little downtime for ourselves.

It's easier said than done, but maintaining a healthy state of mind creates a peaceful space, so your little one feels safe and secure.

Carry this manifestation trinket with you as a reminder to slow down your busy daily schedule and to carve out some time to heal, repair, and reflect.

Surround yourself with signs that keep you on track!

Each 3 x 3 package comes with a manifesting card and instructions on how to manifest, plus a super attractor Magical Power Object to carry with you or pin to your vision board to make it come true. You can keep it all together in the bag or carry the Magical Power Object in your purse or pocket separately!

  • 3X3 Manifest Card + Magical Power object
  • Great addition to greeting cards
  • Attach it to your vision board or bathroom mirror