Puppet Show Play Set


Don't just tell stories — bring them to life with the Magic Forest Shadow Puppet Set!

This interactive shadow puppet set is perfect for kids who love storytelling. It's the ultimate tool for endless creative play. Whether you're playing out your favorite stories or making up new ones, our carefully crafted paper shadow puppets will bring each scene to life.

You can project these magical cutouts onto a wall or behind a screen and watch as the characters come to life!

About the product:

✨ Includes 9 unique puppet cutouts to add a touch of magic and whimsy to your stories.

✨ Makes for a perfect gift that combines traditional storytelling with a modern, interactive twist.

✨ Encourages imaginative play, storytelling skills, and creativity in a magical forest setting.

✨ Easy to store and carry, so you can take the magic of storytelling wherever you go.

✨ Made from safe, environmentally friendly materials that are perfect for playtime.