Nature Scavenger Hunt Cards


Ready for a fun family adventure? Our Nature Scavenger Hunt Cards are your passport to family fun — rain or shine!

Explore your backyard or see what you can spot around the house. Spot a bird's nest, find a funny-shaped rock, or even smell a fragrant flower!

Each card prompts you to observe, think, and connect with the world around you, helping kids — and kids at heart — hone their problem-solving skills while embracing the wonders of nature.

Perfect for family outings, playdates, or solo adventures. Let the hunt begin!

Why you'll love it:

💚 Easy-to-Use: Just pick a card and start your adventure!

💚 For Indoors & Outdoors: Perfect for the backyard, park, or even inside the house. Great for sunny days or rainy afternoons.

💚 Family-Friendly: Fun for kids and adults alike.

💚 Educational: Helps kids learn to observe and think about their surroundings.

💚 Sensory Exploration: Cards prompt touch, smell, sight, and sound discovery.

💚 Durable: Made to last, so you can use them over and over again.

💚 Compact: Easy to carry on all your adventures.

About the product:

🌿 10 flash cards included (18 scavenger hunt prompts).

🌿 Each flashcard set comes packaged in a 6x4 inch muslin drawstring bag.

🌿 Flash cards measure 4.75 inches tall x 2.75 inches wide.

🌿 Comes with a reusable storage tin to store all your treasures. (Tin measures 5.5 inches tall x 4 inches wide.)