Go Away Monster Spray for Kids


Are monsters, boogiemen, and naughty minions keeping you or your little one up at night? Say goodbye to those fears with our Go Away Monster Spray!

This super-duper extra-powerful essential oil spray is designed to banish ALL types of monsters and encourage sweet dreams for a calm and peaceful night.

Because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep — minus the monsters!

Why you'll love it:

👾 Works on ALL Monsters — From closet-dwelling critters to under-the-bed nuisances, Go Away Monster Spray sends them all packing!

🌿 Vegan — Kind to all beings...except monsters, of course!

🌸 Lightly Scented — Our lovely blend of lavender, lime, and sweet orange essential oils helps you drift off to dreamland.

How to Use:

💙 Shake Well & Spray — Target under-the-bed areas, closet corners, or any other monster-prone zones.

💙 Recite the Magic Words — Say, "I am safe, I am loved, and I am protected" as you spray, making your space even safer.

About the product:

💚 Comes in a 4oz fine mist spray bottle — perfect for little hands to hold and easy to use.