Baby Bunny Stuffed Animal, Baby Lovie


Our baby bunny stuffed animal lovey is excellent for snuggling at nap time!

What is a lovey blanket? A baby lovie is a companion designed to keep your toddler company and help with self-soothing. They're often used to establish nap time routines.

This adorable lovey for baby boys is made out of cotton and fleece. It's super soft and measures around 18 inches from the ears down and 5 inches across the thinnest part of its body. 

Although this long eared bunny stuffed animal doesn't contain any small parts or detachable pieces, these little fellas are intended for toddlers 12 months and older. That's usually when babies are able to establish bonds and form attachments.

Please Note: Always supervise your child if placing bunny lovie in a crib.


  • Length: 18" 
  • Width: 5"


  • Cotton fabric
  • Fleece fabric

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash with warm water for light soils and allow the item to air-dry. 
  • For heavier soils, machine wash cold on delicate 
  • Lay flat to dry

Pro Tip: Rotate between 2 lovies so you can wash them regularly.